What we do

FabEasy is an eLearning tool. Its 10 pipe template development modules:

  • clearly and effectively demonstrates the process of how to develop a pipe template
  • uses step by step animations to give you a thorough understanding of the development process
  • provides you with a constant basic tutorial to facilitate learning at your own pace

Pipe template made easy

Get ahead with this easy to use guide to pipe template and fabrication


FabEasy eLearning module cover:

  • piping templates for pipe intersections and reducers
  • pipe fabrication techniques
  • the theory behind best practice


These educational videos give you:

  • enhanced trainee understanding of the pipe template and fabrication process
  • confidence in how to undertake custom made piping work
  • genuine industrial know-how

Note: FabEasy is NOT a substitute for a pipe fabrication course where you will learn the practical training, but a preparation tool which will greatly aid the training process.