Template and fabrication training module

The layout and template development of a 90⁰ eccentric branch intersection is similar to other branch to header pipe connections except that the end view of the branch connection has a maximum off-centre alignment. The method of using ordinate/development lines is exactly the same.

This FabEasy elearning module will help you to:

Eccentric branch Intersection - layout objective and explanation Eccentric brand Intersection - mark out drawing
Layout objective and explanation Using compass to mark out circle for layout drawing
Eccentric Branch Intersection - Marking out baseline Eccentric Branch Intersection - transfering dimensions
Marking out baseline at top of semicircle Transferring dimensions from layout drawing to template drawing
Eccentric Branch Intersection - Marking pipe with base line
Marking pipe with base line to help align template

Watch this trailer …

to get a flavour of how Fabeasy will help you to create and use a pipe template for a 90 degree eccentric branch intersection.

You can download your video here: