67.5, 45 and 30 degree branch piping template and fabrication training module

The FabEasy angled branch template module is a step-by-step guide to the development of piping templates and piping fabrication for swept branch intersections.

This powerful but easy to use animated training module uses six ordinate or development lines to achieve a high standard of accuracy in template creation.

14-08-2013 15-52-48 14-08-2013 15-47-29
template depicting ordinate/development centre lines project an angled 67½ degree centre line using an adjustable angled set-square
14-08-2013 15-54-09 14-08-2013 15-42-29
lay-out the horizontal ordinate/ development lines on branch header use dividers to transfer dimensions from lay-out drawing to template base drawing
14-08-2013 15-59-52
use a completed 67½ degree template to mark-out branch cut line on pipe Watch this trailer to get a flavour of how Fabeasy will help you to create and use a pipe template for an angled branch intersection.