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Pipe template development made easy

What is FabEasy?

FabEasy is a series of tutorial videos, which clearly and effectively demonstrates the development of pipe templates/patterns for the fabrication process. It would usually support or be part of a training programme, but it also has value as a standalone tool.

After using FabEasy a trainee will fully understand:

  1. how to measure and create templates
  2. how to use those templates to fabricate pipes

Simply following the animated step by step guide will give him or her a real understanding of how to develop a pipe template.

A constant basic tutorial that never varies, FabEasy facilitates both slow and fast learners, who can work at their own pace, without pressure. Review and replay in your own time.

How it works

A line by line, step by step animated tutorial aided by text instruction, FabEasy works by providing:

  1. pictorial objective so the trainee knows what he/she is going to make
  2. Virtual training on how to create a piping template
  3. Virtual training on how to fabricate a pipe using that template

Visual guide

The clear, detailed animations make FabEasy a unique tool. Easy to follow, users pick up the concepts more quickly and develop a more thorough understanding of the template layout.

Pipe templates

There are many and varied methods for developing pipe templates / patterns. Our method uses a simple pictorial animated objective along with formulae for the different template lay-outs.

Pipe fabrication

FabEasy talks and guides the student through the fabrication process step-by-step. This clear visual tutorial provides invaluable understanding to the student before they attempt any hands on fabrication, saving time and costs often wasted by learning on the job.

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