Template and fabrication training module

The FabEasy training module presents two methods for the fabrication of a concentric pipe reducer. The animated guide walks you through every step of the process of creating a template and fabricating a pipe, ensuring a clear and detailed understanding before even entering the fabrication shop.

The ability to building your own customised concentric reducer gives you a real advantage on occasions where time, cost or availability of manufactured reducers cause a problem.

This FabEasy elearning module will help you to understand concentric reducer formulae dimension tables:

14-08-2013 17-01-56 14-08-2013 17-07-06
 Concentric reducer dimension table checking the dimensions of the reducer arms after bending into position
14-08-2013 17-03-42 14-08-2013 17-21-59
use the finished concentric reducer template to mark-out pipe for cutting review the pipe after it has been cut and cleaned ready for bending
14-08-2013 17-25-03  
drawing the angled ordinate/development lines on template base

Watch this trailer

to get a flavour of how Fabeasy will help you to create and use a pipe template for a concentric reducer