90 degree branch template and fabrication training module

The FabEasy right angled branch template module is a line-by-line guide on how to develop a 90 degreee pipe branch intersection template and fabricate the pipe.

The module is based on a 2″ schedule 40 nominal bore pipe and uses six ordinate or development lines per quadrant to achieve a high degree of accuracy for a tee-joint template.

This FabEasy elearning module will help you to:

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understand the properties of a circle and formulae of how to calculate the circumference of a pipe learn about the ordinate//development lines used in the construction of a right angled branch intersection.
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see how to use dividers to mark divisions of circle. lay-out ordinate/development lines on 90° template baseline.
14-08-2013 15-28-50
use a french curve to obtain the correct contour of template branch line.

Watch this trailer

to get a flavour of how Fabeasy will help you to create and use a pipe template for a 90 degree branch intersection or tee-joint.