Template and fabrication training module

The FabEasy header hole template/pattern module is a line-by-line guide on how to develop a header hole template/pattern for a 45° angled branch intersection.

The module is based on a 2″ schedule 40 nominal bore pipe and uses four ordinate/development lines per quadrant to achieve a high degree of accuracy for a 45° branch intersection header hole template/pattern. This lay-out method can be used for any branch intersection header hole template/pattern.

Laying-out template baseline lay-out ordinate/development lines
Laying-out template baseline using a pencil ruler and set square Using a pencil and set square to lay-out ordinate/development lines in quadrant
transfer horizontal dimensions join the dimension marks
Using a pencil and small square to transfer horizontal dimensions to vertical ordinate/development lines Using a pencil and French curve to join the dimension marks to obtain a curved line
mark-out hole on header pipe  
Using the finished template/pattern and chalk to mark-out hole on header pipe

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